Consumer Recall List

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall List
  1. Crate and Barrel Recalls Push Walkers Due to Choking and Laceration Hazards

    Walkers can be damaged over time exposing sharp points and small parts, posing choking and laceration hazards to small children.

  2. SAMpark Recalls Children’s Pajamas Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard

    The pajamas fail to meet the federal flammability standard for children’s sleepwear that requires sleepwear to be either snug-fitting or flame resistant, posing a risk of burn injuries to children. 

  3. Southwire Recalls Electrical Outlet Boxes Due to Fire Hazard

    The electrical receptacles can overheat when in use, posing a fire hazard.

  4. Club Car Recalls Gas Golf and Transport Vehicles Due to Fire and Burn Hazards (Recall Alert)

    Fuel can leak from an improperly-routed fuel line, posing fire and burn hazards.

  5. Club Car Recalls Gas Utility and Transport Vehicles Due to Risk of Fuel Leak and Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

    Under continuous operations with low speed idling periods and a full gas tank, the fuel vent can allow fuel to leak, posing a fire hazard.

  6. SSR Motorsports Recalls Off‐Highway Competition Motorcycles Due to Crash and Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)

    The vehicle’s front fork assembly can fail during use, causing the rider to lose control, and result in a crash hazard.

  7. SunSetter Recalls Vinyl Covers for Motorized Awnings Due to Impact and Fall Hazards; One Death Reported (Recall Alert)

    If a powered awning is activated while the cover is secured with bungee tie-downs, when the cover is removed, the awning can open unexpectedly with enough force to strike a consumer standing in the awning’s path, causing them to fall and suffer death...

  8. Seattle Manufacturing Corporation Recalls Ice Axes Due to Serious Injury and Fall Hazards

    The spike and/or head of the ice axe can detach from the handle during use, posing serious injury and fall hazards to the climber.

  9. BRP Expands Recall of Snowmobiles Due to Fuel Leak and Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

    The vehicle’s fuel delivery system can leak fuel, posing a fire hazard.  

  10. Super Jumper Recalls Trampolines Due to Fall and Injury Hazards

    The welds on the metal railings (legs) can fail, posing fall and injury hazards.

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