How to Read Your Bill

Utility Bill Explained

1. General information: billing date, payment due date, and account number
2. Account information: account holders name, service address, and dates of the billing cycle.
3. Meter Readings: details the total usage indicated by your water meter at the beginning and end of the service period.
4. Total gallons: is the thousands of gallons used by your household during the service period. This number is calculated by the difference between the values listed in “Previous” and “Current” usage.
5. Description: Lists a detailed breakdown of the balance owed including any outstanding balances.
- Water is the combination of the base water rate (flat rate cost for service) and the tiered usage charge (cost based on individual usage).
- Sewer is based on an estimate of your average indoor water use which is calculated annually from January through March. It is calculated during this time because outdoor watering should be minimal, if at all. Customers who haven’t been in a residence long enough to establish an average are billed the median residential average of gallons per single-family home.
- Storm Drainage is a fixed fee based on lot size and percentage of surfaces that do not absorb water, such as buildings and concrete surfaces.
6. Water Charges:
Water Base Rate Change (service line fee) is a flat fee that covers the cost of  quality assurance, infrastructure, and maintenance needed to deliver clean water to your residence on demand.
Water Usage Charge is based on the amount of water that was used in your residence. Conserving water through lowered usage and efficient appliances will not only help lower your individual bill but also help Wellington sustain water needs for years to come.
7. Notes: the convenient ways you can pay your bill online or over the phone.
8. Pay This Amount: total due for this billing cycle plus any past due balances 
9. Will only be marked on your bill if you are already enrolled in autopay. If you are not enrolled and would like to update your account visit