Contractor Licensing

Public Notice (12/05/2022):

  • Current 2022 Contractor License holders, will be emailed the week of December 19th by the Building Department directly to complete a 2023 renewal application. 
  • Invoicing and Payments for 2023 Licenses will not be generated OR available for payment until January 3rd, 2023. 
  • Checks mailed to the Town of Wellington, will not be processed until January 3rd, 2023.

Public Notice (7/28/2022):

If you are a contractor looking to obtain a new license or renew an old license, please email 

General and sub-contractors working within the town limits are required to be licensed as a contractor through the Town of Wellington, prior to applying for a building permit. 

This can be done by completing the following forms: 

Contractor Requirements: 

  • Contractor License Application
  • Lawful Affidavit Form
  • IF YOU ARE THE SOLE PROPRIETOR (not Inc. or LLC) of your business, you must now comply with the requirements of House Bill 06S-1023 
  • A current copy of Commercial General Liability Certificate (Listing the Town of Wellington as the Certificate Holder) 

Electric & Plumbing Contractors additional documentation required: 

  • Copy of your Colorado State Driver’s License or Identification 
  • Copy of your State of Colorado Plumbing or Electrician License 
  • Copy of your Master State License

Please email completed documents to or hand deliver forms to the Building Department located at the Municipal Services Building at 8225 Third Street in Wellington. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. 


The cost for a Contractor License is $25.00 and it is valid through December 31st.

If you are a contractor that also has a physical location in the Town of Wellington (residential or commercial), you must also complete a Business License Application. 

For questions regarding Contractor Licensing, please contact the Building Department at 970-568-3554