What are the batting cages’ hours of operation?

Please see batting cage hours by clicking here.

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1. When are the Recreation office hours for in person registration?
2. Can I register online?
3. What is the refund policy?
4. I really want to participate in adult sports but don’t have a team. What can I do?
5. What is the uniform for youth sports?
6. Are adult and youth sports’ participants allowed to wear jewelry?
7. Why are scores not kept for certain age groups/levels?
8. Can I make a request to be on a certain team?
9. Why do you limit team roster sizes?
10. We registered but have not heard from a coach. What do we do?
11. Why do I receive so many emails asking for coaches for every youth activity?
12. I would like to coach a youth sport. What do I need to do?
13. If I register multiple kids, do I receive a discount?
14. If I coach can my kid(s) participate for free?
15. I am having trouble registering online. I am being told that my child is in the wrong grade. How can I correct this so I can register?
16. Why aren’t the age divisions closer for youth basketball and volleyball?
17. Why do youth basketball and volleyball practices end so late at night?
18. Why are outside school doors locked during scheduled Wellington Recreation events?
19. How much does it cost to use the batting cages?
20. What are the batting cages’ hours of operation?
21. Can I use my own bat while batting at the cages?
22. Why do I have to wear a helmet with facemask at the batting cages?
23. How do I find out if a game is cancelled?
24. What are the criteria for cancelling youth games?
25. Will cancelled youth and adult games be re-scheduled?
26. Can coaches and/or parents cancel games?