Community Core / Connect

Applying for Building Permits in Wellington 

Prior to starting the process to apply for your Building Permit in Community Core / Connect. Please visit the  Contractors website, or Homeowners  website and review Project Resources, which includes SAFEbuilt Building Guides & The Town of Wellington Projects Checklist prior to beginning your application to prevent delays during the permitting process. 

Paying for Building Permits, Business and Contractor Licenses

To pay for a Building Permit , Business & Contractor Licenses, please log into Community Core/ Community Connect. Online Payments can be made 24/7.

Community Core Login

What is the Community Connect Dashboard? 

The Dashboard is your Homepage for when you log into the Community Core website. This may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, however the Town of Wellingtons should appear as shown once you have successfully accessed the website. 

CommunityConnect Dashboard(1)

From the Dashboard you can complete the task shown. Apply for a permit, resubmit plans / respond to plan review, pay fees, schedule inspections and track when your next scheduled inspection is.

Need help using Community Connect?

Please feel free to reach out to the Building Department Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm if you are in need of any assistance in the Community Connect Portal. If afterhours, please utilize the links below, or feel free to contact Community Connects Help Center Chat.

Helpful Links and guides for Community Connect 

Applying & Processing Application Help 

Downloading Documents & Printing Permits Help 

Inspections Help 

Need Help in Community Connect ? 

What's Next - Community Core Permit Issued

How to Resubmit Plan Documents

Where to Send Revised or Updated Plans? 

To prevent any delay in the plan review process. Resubmittal or revised plans MUST be emailed directly to . Plans uploaded into Community Core will not be reviewed if they are not emailed to 

What is a Resubmittal? 

If you have a plan review that was returned to you as "resubmittal required", after you have made the necessary changes to your plans and are ready to submit updated plans back to the plans examiner, this is called a Resubmittal.

Please email all revised plans to SAFEbuilt_logo (1)